Guide to Appoint Distributors for your Brand in Pan India?

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Guide to Appoint Distributors for your Brand in Pan India?

This is a fact that a distributor is a very essential part of the distribution segment that why you need to be more attentive while appointing distributors. The appropriate picking of the distributors is very important for acquiring the market leader in the targeted geographical areas. The selection process of the distributor should be extremely meticulous and prudent as they are appointed for a long-term duration in business for a specific product range. 

Please Go-through the Distributor selection process sharply: 

As this process needs experienced professionals to consider the substitute parties which are evaluated based on the following criteria: 

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Financially Strong:

A probable distributor should be pecuniarily strong enough depending on the market trend as well as your product range. Finance is the most important standard because:

  • The distributor needs to accumulate the needed products in bulk from the manufacturer which requires a massive amount.
  • Distributors will be needed to trade or deal with the retailer and other institutions.
  • Distributors require investment in the infrastructure, products, and more

Prior Experience

Previous experience in the distributor's segment will help the distributor in the following ways:

  • A proficient distributor takes less time in comprehending the process
  • Experienced distributors build good long-term relationships with the retailers as compared to the fresher


The infrastructure required like workforce, conveyance, and warehouse should be available in the required quantity and quality.

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Market Reputation and Good Contacts

If the distributor has adequate market prominence in terms of connection with the retailers, it will help in the efficiency of his career.

Market Knowledge

The Distributor must know about the prevalent market condition, competitor's products, vendor's mindset, etc. All these things will help the distributors in establishing themselves and getting a foothold in the market. 

Latest Technology

A distributor should know about modern advanced technologies like online marketing, SMS, the internet, etc. It will help in enhancing various aspects of the distribution process like simplifying business operations and improving efficiency in communication. 

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